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yellow's Application [On Trial from July 08]

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yellow's Application [On Trial from July 08]

Post  yellow on Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:26 am

Aliases: These days i only play under yellow

Age: 17

Geographical Location: South West Victoria

Apply for which Game/Division: Left 4 Dead

Have you been apart of a Clan/Guild in the past: I've Been apart of many clans in the past. I had my own clan Team7 for Cod4, i was in Notz for a while for Battlefield 2142 and Cod4, BTK (yes BTK) for Battlefield 2. There is that many i can barely think of them all. Haven't been in a left 4 dead one though.

Do you play for any other clan/guild(s) in any one (or more) of these games/comps: Cod4 i play for TeamR, just as a sub. I have my own WoW guild lol. I also play for cyber core in Counter strike source.

What will you bring to our Gaming Clan: Well, i love to Practice, i'm all for teamwork and have quite a high level of skill. Would also like help your Left 4 Dead team out however i can.

Which SG|. Member referred you to apply? or How did you know of SG|.: Yons put up a recruiting thread on Cybergamer

Xfire Username: dizzlekanga

Will you abide by our "SG - Code of Conduct": Sure
Welcome to SG|. Forums
Welcome to SG|. Forums

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Re: yellow's Application [On Trial from July 08]

Post  Yons on Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:31 am

Welcome to the Southern Gaming Forums,

We appreciate your interest in applying for a trial within our gaming community. It is one step closer in joining a successful gaming clan.

Though, we are interested, we would like to get to know you a little better before we accept you within the clan.

As noted above, this can be done by completing a trial.

Within the trial you must abide by the following trial criteria;

  • Have read & understand our Code of Conduct
  • Have read & understand what we are looking for in a member (More info here)
  • Not wear our tags in-game or in xfire
  • Participate with current SG members within the Public Game Servers
  • Use our Ventrilo Server each time you are in-game (Hostname/IP: Port No.: 3797)
  • Read the forums daily, you must be interactive with members
  • Most importantly, attend the division "Training Nights" (Information can be gather from Division Captain/2IC)

NOTE: This trial is primarily for behaviour and maturity purposes only, your skill level will not be solely taken into account.

Your progress will be monitored by current members as well as the Captains of the division.

Our leadership is as follows for each division:

Battlefield 2
CAPT. Jimmi28 (Xfire Username: jimmi280)
2IC. Somethingin8r (Xfire Username: somethingin8r)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat
CAPT. Yamum (Xfire Username: yamum1)
2IC. Chard (Xfire Username: chardbyte)

Call of Duty: World at War
CAPT. Schubie (Xfire Username: schubie1)
2IC. Yons (Xfire Username: yons00)

Desert Combat
CAPT. -=The Rock=- (Xfire Username: therock103)
2IC. Brotherofzit (Xfire Username: brotherofzit)

World of Warcraft
CAPT. wizedkyle (Xfire Username: wizedkyle01)
2IC. R3APR (Xfire Username: shadownightmare007)

At the end of the trial, a decision will be posted here in this application stating if you were successful.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the Captains for advice or questions.

We hope you will accept this trial, yet if you wish not to please let us know ASAP.

Good Luck & Have Fun


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Left 4 Dead: Head of Division
Left 4 Dead: Head of Division

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